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About SK Murray

SK Murray has been gifted with an anointing that flows from his saxophone when he plays. It brings healing and deliverance, breaking the yokes of bondage while shifting the atmosphere. Let the sounds of worship immerse you in the river of God’s presence.

In the Old Testament, this same thing happened with David. There were other musicians available for Saul to listen to, but the anointing on David made the troubling spirit leave when he played.

Whenever the spirit from God troubled Saul, David would pick up his lyre and play, and Saul would then be relieved, feel better, and the evil spirit would leave him.  -1 Samuel 16:23 (HCSB)

Miraculously Healed From Cancer

In 2011, Keith’s son Caleb, who was 11 at the time, was diagnosed with a rare bone cancer called Ewings Sarcoma. God miraculously incinerated the tumor that was in his leg in an instance, and then followed up with another miracle a few months later when doctors thought they would have to sever a nerve and possibly amputate Caleb’s leg. Keith and his wife, Holly, stood on God’s Word to see their son healed.

You can watch Caleb giving his testimony on GodTV the next night here:

We have moved the entire blog that we made throughout our journey to this website. You can read the amazing testimony from the beginning by going to the first post at this link. Below each article is a link to the next page. This will help you go through the amazing story sequentially as it happened.

So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth; It shall not return to Me void, But it shall accomplish what I please, And it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it. -Isaiah 55:11 NKJV

The LORD said to me, “You have seen correctly, for I am watching to see that my word is fulfilled.” Jeremiah 1:12 NIV

Caleb is an amazing musician, as is his little brother, Josh, who is almost three years younger than Caleb. We learned when Caleb was only 4 years old that he had a very special and rare musical gift. He has what is called absolute pitch. He can hear any note and instantly identify it. I can play a complex chord on the piano and he can tell me every note that is being played. He is an amazing bass guitarist and does not even own a tuner. He tunes each string one at a time, putting it perfectly on pitch by ear every time!

You can hear Caleb playing fretless bass and 6-string bass guitar with his dad on tracks two and three on Peace in the Storm, the first CD from Keith Murray.

You can also head over to the blog area to see the full journey post by post. It is very encouraging seeing what God did every step of the way and how he instantly HEALED my son of cancer!

SK Murray’s wife, Holly, wrote a book about their journey to miraculous healing. It is called, Believing For a Miracle, and you can find it on Amazon by clicking here –