10 Hour RELAXATION Solfeggio Overload – 396Hz + 417Hz + 528Hz + 639Hz Simultaneous Tone with Music

These four tones (639Hz, 528Hz, 417Hz, 396Hz) together make for a solfeggio overload for the perfect sound of peace and deep sleep. The four tones make a perfect major 7th chord, or in the case of this music, a beautiful relative minor9 chord while tuned to 444Hz. Please like and subscribe!

If you like ocean sounds with deep sleep frequencies and music, check out our ten-hour ocean relaxation video at https://youtu.be/93sGXOk7-a4

Using one of the original frequencies that King David and other musicians used in Biblical times, this relaxing ambient music is tuned to 444Hz, known as the Key of David. That frequency is also referred to as the healing frequency. Enjoy the soothing sounds of ocean waves to bring an amazing level of peace, relaxation, and healing. Sleep soundly!

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