10 hrs Ocean Waves and Peaceful Music for Relaxation and Sleep, Healing Waters, 444Hz, Key of David

Ten hours of ocean waves with calming music recorded at 444Hz for deep sleeping. Ocean sounds are the best deep sleep music. Ocean wave sounds are the best sleep music for babies, kids, and adults of all ages. This video has soft piano music that can be described as sleep music, healing music, study music, calming music, peaceful music, background music, and meditation music.

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Pictures stop after 10 minutes. The audio track is 10 hours long.

This same music track without ocean waves –    • 10 Hours Soaking …  

Using one of the original frequencies that King David and other musicians used in Biblical times, this relaxing ambient music is tuned to 444Hz, known as the Key of David. That frequency is also referred to as the healing frequency. Enjoy the soothing sounds of ocean waves to bring an amazing level of peace, relaxation, and healing. Sleep soundly!

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