Soothing Music – 396Hz Healing Music

396 Hz brings peace, openness, and inner fulfillment, helping you to hear from God more clearly. Overcome guilt, shame, and fear with 396Hz music. From a physical standpoint, 396Hz resonates well with the human body and helps alleviate problems with liver and kidney functions, neurological issues, as well as blood and bone issues. This song is recorded tuned at A=444Hz with a 396Hz soft drone played throughout for breaking fear, guilt, and shame.

386Hz is one of the original solfeggio frequencies and is used in the musical tuning referred to as the Key of David. The Key of David is utilized by tuning A to 444Hz instead of the traditional 440Hz. There is a lot of information about the benefits and the history of the 444Hz tuning, many of which are covered in the book, The Sound of Healing, by Michael Tyrrell. You can also visit his website at

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