A Personal Note

There is nothing new to report today, but I just had to share something I have never told anyone about my journey with Caleb. When we first got the diagnosis last fall, I went online and did some research to find out more about Ewings Sarcoma. I had several well-meaning friends and family that were telling us what we needed to do and how to do it. I appreciated the support, but there was a lot of negativity I had to fight against. We were told story after story of people that had died of cancer and just bad news on top of bad news. Funny how that happens. Why are people so eager to share morbid stories?

Anyway, I went to a website recommended by a doctor friend and one of the first things I saw scared me worse than I had ever been scared before. It said the five year survival rate for Ewings Sarcoma is 70%. I reached over and just unplugged my computer. I did not take the time to shut it down – I wanted it OFF. I saw a 30% chance I could lose my son. I sat there and cried. I was scared. This was my child. I wanted to take it from him and put it on me instead. I could deal with it and take whatever consequences would come – as long as he did not have to. I cried out to God and was so overwhelmed with peace. He told me that I didn’t have to take that cancer on myself because He sent Jesus and Jesus took it on Himself for my Caleb. I felt God tell me to focus on the higher number – the 70%. That is where we would be. I knew that was His promise and set out to find every healing scripture I could for us to stand on for the battle ahead.

We have had many folks tell us that our faith has been an inspiration to them. We appreciate that, but it was not easy and God gets ALL the glory. We had doubts. We had questions. But every time we got hit with an attack of fear, we decided we were going to focus on the Word of God and knew that was the answer. At that time, I watched a video of Caleb when he was about 3 and he was singing and talking about seeing fireworks in the sky. I think Holly or I have it posted on our Facebook page. At the end, he looks at the camera and says, “Bye bye.” Right then, the enemy spoke so loudly to me I almost heard it audibly and said, “That video would be a great way to end his funeral.” I started a barrage of scripture quotes out loud! I knew immediately where that thought was from. We never let a mental picture of failure or death enter our minds. We stood on the promises in God’s Word that he was healed. And we have watched it come to pass.

We had printed out many postcards with scriptures on them and posted them all around the house. There were about 4-5 left on the table that we did not get to that first night we were posting them. Later that night, I headed into the kitchen to get something to drink from the fridge and saw the cards. The top one that I saw was the scripture at the top of this page – Jeremiah 1:12. I felt such an amazing presence of God – nearly every hair on me (at least the ones I have left!) stood straight up. That was the one scripture for me that came to life. It was what is called RHEMA. The Word was alive. And that has been our rock. We have stood on that one scripture to know that all the other promises from God would come to pass on our behalf.

And so it has! God has been faithful! Our son is cancer free!!! And now I look at the Relay For Life information and see that he will walk the Victory Lap as a SURVIVOR! My son is a SURVIVOR thanks to God! He has been grabbed from the jaws of death; from an attack that the enemy meant for his destruction. And God is going to use him in a big way! On the night that Caleb was healed at the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival, the Evangelist – who has done some amazing work around the world with signs and miracles following – told Caleb that the enemy tried to steal his destiny when he was younger, as well, and that God has some BIG plans for Caleb. We believe for EVEN GREATER.

When we recently were told that there was still tumor on the bone according to the MRI, we wondered what that was about. We still believed God had healed him back in November, but if He did, why were they still seeing tumor? The answer came the next week when the bone was removed. You saw on this blog last month how Caleb’s leg and nerves were miraculously saved. We got the word last week that what was left of the tumor they saw was “100% dead!” God has proven His faithfulness over and over and we have gotten nothing but one good report after another. And I thank God for that. Our God is GREATER!

I hope you don’t mind me sharing my thoughts along with information on this page. I am just so overwhelmed with thanksgiving and gratitude this morning, I had to share it! Love to all of you and thanks for going with us on this journey! All the glory belongs to God alone.