Another Doctor Impressed With Progress

I’m getting ready for church but I got this text from Holly a few minutes ago:

Dr. B just came in. I told her that Dr. J said the tumor was already softening up, and she walked over to feel Caleb’s leg. Her response when she felt his leg . . . “Wow!”
She was really impressed. I told her with chemo and prayer, it was going away!

I’ll make a more detailed post later after Caleb gets home, but I wanted to share this good news! That makes three doctors now that have been very impressed with the progress!

4 thoughts on “Another Doctor Impressed With Progress”

  1. If this is who I think it is, I went to grad school @ MCG with her and she’s now doing her residency in Peds. So glad she got to meet you guys and see the power of prayer and the healing hand of God moving – divine appointment I’m sure!!! Caleb’s story is touching so many lives in so many ways!

  2. Praise the Lord for a good report, praying for you all. HE will be faithful to finish what HE has started….waiting on more good reports!


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