Finally Getting More Scans!

We have been so busy with everything lately. I am very concerned about the amount of school that the boys have missed because of Caleb being so nauseous constantly from the chemo. If we are still going with the chemo in the fall, Joshua will have to go to school somewhere. I would love for … Read more

Long Couple of Weeks

Sorry it has been a while since the last update, but we have been in a whirlwind for the last couple of weeks. Caleb had 5 days of chemo last week, but we did it differently this time. He did the entire week of chemo outpatient. It was not the most comfortable area for spending … Read more

It’s a New Year and a New Me

This has been a hectic, exciting few days for the Murray family. Last Tuesday, both Caleb and I were admitted into the hospital. Caleb had a 5-day regimen of chemo and I was having a gastric bypass done. We had everything planned out with my mom helping out, but circumstances changed all that. Our 18 … Read more

My Sons, My Heros. Merry Christmas!

I know everyone is really busy today with family and getting ready for Christmas, but I felt I needed to write down what I am feeling inside. I have said all along that this blog is therapeutic for me and informational for you. Today is a day that I am writing this for me and … Read more

No Chemo This Week Either – Merry Christmas!

Caleb went in yesterday all packed and ready for 5 days in the hospital. His counts were the lowest they have been yet, so they decided to wait until after Christmas to continue the chemo. So Caleb will be able to fully enjoy Christmas this year. The Benefits of Coffee event Saturday night at Genesis … Read more

International Superstar!

The Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival has posted a YouTube video of Caleb’s testimony on their YouTube and Facebook pages! It has already been shared by 45 people and sent all over the globe sharing his awesome testimony of God’s healing power. This is a much better video quality than the one I posted … Read more

No Hospital Yet

We packed up and headed to the hospital yesterday thinking we would be there this week for chemo. Last week, Caleb started developing mouth sores as a result of the chemo treatments. It makes it painful for him to eat and drink. They checked his numbers and they were a little low, and since chemo … Read more

Easy Week

We had one day of chemo this week and that day was today. Caleb had his easiest regimen of the series today. It took them five minutes to access his port, take samples, inject chemo drug, and remove access needle. This particular drug that he took today does not cause nausea. He is doing well … Read more

Break From Chemo Is Over

Caleb has been back to his normal self the last week. He has not had any chemo in two weeks and is eating well, including eating a big Thanksgiving meal. His appetite has been nonexistent while taking chemo, so it was good to see him getting some good food down. We start back with the … Read more

Having a Great Week! Happy Thanksgiving!

Today Caleb has had the best day since the chemo started. It’s been a week since he had a treatment, so his body has recovered from it the last few days. There have been no headaches or fever, and his appetite has returned a lot more today. I’m glad because I want him to enjoy … Read more