Headed In For Chemo

It’s been a good couple of weeks for Caleb. Last week he was not able to get chemo because his counts were too low, so we go in tomorrow and Wednesday for outpatient chemo at the clinic. Holly has two more weeks of school to go and she will be done for the summer. We … Read more

Apologies! Notification Fixed.

I forgot to exclude the new category for my new blog from sending out notification. You received notification of a new post, but will not get further notifications of posts from Victory Through Praise unless you specifically ask to be included on that mailing list. You will continue to receive updates on Caleb until you … Read more

Happy Birthday Caleb!

Today is Caleb’s birthday! He turned 12 years old. The years really go by fast. Everyone warns you about it, but it is definitely a reality. I am so proud of Caleb. He has demonstrated unbelievable strength, faith, and patience during this whole ordeal. We had to go to clinic today to get his counts. … Read more

Happy Mother’s Day

We are finishing up a 5-day regimen today at the hospital. Since we were traveling back from Talladega last Monday, they started on Tuesday and since the clinic is closed on weekends, we had to do day 5 in the hospital. So far, it has been less than ideal. This time yesterday, we were finishing … Read more

Caleb Met His Hero

We got home today from an unbelievable weekend! Thanks to my good friend, Patrick Gantt, we were able to secure four tickets to the Nationwide and Sprint Cup races this past weekend at TALLADEGA Superspeedway for free! Some folks wanted to see Caleb get a chance to go and Patrick made it happen. Thanks again, … Read more

Let’s Go Racing, Boys!

We went to the clinic today to have Caleb’s numbers checked. We were supposed to start a 5-day regimen of chemo today, but I called and talked to the nurse last week to see what we could do about the Wrens Relay For Life this Friday and the NASCAR race at Talladega next weekend. We … Read more

Stay Extended

We were just informed today that Caleb will have to stay Friday night, as well. They want to be sure that he gets enough fluids after the chemo is over. His chemo starts around 10:30 tomorrow morning, so I will lobby to have them let us go home after that if his fluid levels are … Read more

Quick Update From Hospital

We have finished two days of chemo with three to go. For the first time ever, Caleb has not gotten nauseous one single time this trip. We are praying that continues all the way through! Our God is greater! For those that missed it on Facebook yesterday, Caleb got to play with a professional musician … Read more

In The Hospital

Things have been progressing as well as they possibly can for Caleb. We are back in the hospital for the five day regimen. There have been a flurry of doctors, nurses, students, and Child Life people since we got here, but it has finally quieted down a bit. Holly is coming up this afternoon to … Read more