Today we got confirmation of the work that God had done. They did see tumor on the MRI, but to quote the doctor today, it was “100% dead tumor” that they removed! Thank You, Lord!

The incision has some infection and has pulled some. They gave him some drugs to fight the infection and he is to stay off the leg a few days. The doctor was not too concerned, but he said worst case scenario he would have to go back into the infected area and clean it up and close it up again. He did not feel we would have to do that as it was not really bad. It just needs some attention. We are supposed to start chemo back on Monday, so he wants to see us before we go to the clinic Monday to check the area and see what the progress is. Since the chemo will reduce his body’s ability to fight off infection, it is just a precaution to be sure that he is okay to forward with the chemo. God is so good!!