Getting Ready To Move

We had a lot of decisions to make yesterday after learning what the treatment plan is. With every decision we make in preparation, I am still saying, “I believe we receive Your healing!”

We know that God can and will remove this thing completely in a flash. We have seen and heard of Him doing it many times. Do a YouTube search of the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival and watch some of the videos of people being healed. We know some of the leaders of that revival personally and know that it is genuine, and that what God is doing there is genuine. Seeing God move will build your faith! The fact that we are making plans for his care does not diminish our belief that God can instantly remove this for a second – our faith is unwavering! We still have to plan our battle and Proverbs 20:18 says,”Plans succeed through good counsel; don’t go to war without wise advice.” We sought counsel from our pastor and the doctors, and we are going to war armed with a two-edged sword, the Word of God.

The treatments are going to consist of 5 days in the hospital for treatments followed by 3-4 days of traveling to the oncology department at Georgia Health Sciences University which is to be repeated for several months. One of us will have to be there with him and since my work has slowed down lately and our insurance is through Holly’s work, we decided I will not be working for the next few months. So we have more than just healing to trust God for, but we know He will provide all our needs (Philippians 4:19).

With that in mind, we knew that making that trip to Augusta several times a week would be taxing  on Caleb and on our wallet. Holly and I were discussing that fact waiting in the doctor’s office for the surgeon who will install the chemo port next week. Right when we started talking about the fact that we would have to move to Augusta somehow for the next few months, my cell phone buzzed with a number I did not recognize. It was a friend of ours from our church music team that was checking up on Caleb and on us -only he had another reason for his call. He has been trying to sell a property for a couple of years and offered it to us to move into and live in while Caleb is receiving treatments. I immediately lost it and Holly didn’t know why I was so emotional as she couldn’t hear his part of the conversation. The timing of the call, knowing God was in control – it was all too overwhelming at that time. I knew that I didn’t have to worry; that God would take care of us even if I couldn’t see it with the natural eye.

So I say all of that to get to my point. We are going to be moving in with my mom for a few months. She will be watching Joshua during the day for us and will help make sure he is doing his schoolwork for his homeschooling. She has two spare rooms and plenty of living space to accommodate us. We will be helping with food and other expenses we normally have, but I will be able to turn off the main breaker at our house while we are gone and the savings on gas and electricity (and other things) will help us meet our budget. Thank God for Dave Ramsey and being debt-free except for our house!!! That will certainly be a big blessing during this time. One of Holly’s close friends and co-workers lives a couple of miles from my mom and commutes every day to Wrens for work. She and Holly will be carpooling which will be a blessing to her as well, as it will save her some gas. She is a Godly young woman and having that time with her on the drive will be a blessing to Holly. Holly wants nothing more than to be there with Caleb every waking moment, so pray for her to be strengthened.

One last encouraging thing that happened over the last two days. We got three different messages from three different people – one email, one text, and one on Facebook. All three said the same thing and none of them knew the other had sent me the message – they were all random. Here was the first, on Facebook:

I am continuing to pray for you both and sweet Caleb. As I was praying this evening I felt impressed to share with you that God is your rock! Its like I saw you guys standing on a huge rock with waves crashing around you, yet you remained firm on the rock. Continue to stand on Him!

I am with you guys in prayers and faith! Our God is surely the Rock of our Salvation.

The text we received:

Had this song on my heart for your today… “You are the Rock on which I stand, by Your grace it is well. My hope is sure in Christ my Savior. It is well with my soul!” Praying and believing in our BIG GOD for Caleb’s complete healing!! I love you!!

And an email I received from a third person:

This morning I read your blog posting from yesterday afternoon, and was somewhat startled. I had not seen it when I came to the cell meeting. Your last sentence, “I am trying to be a rock for my family as I stand on the Rock.”, is almost word for word what I prayed for you last night in our prayer time. I prayed that you would be or that you were the rock for your family as you stood on the Rock. I know that Jesus is our Rock, but I don’t normally use or speak words like that when I pray. I don’t know what it means, but it struck me as significant.

God bless you. We are praying. We love you.

Three different messages about being on the Rock! That is a confirmation to me of where we stand! Please continue to stand with us on the scriptures I posted in an earlier post. Believe with us for healing and God’s provision and wisdom. I cannot fully expressed how deeply touched and grateful we are for the outpouring of love for my family. You all are in this together with us and we will be victorious, for JESUS has already won! Psalm 91

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  1. Keith, did you know Bay of The Holy Spirit will be in Augusta Nov? Also, we have 4 kids, 13, 9, 6 and almost 4. If Josh needs to hang with other kids, Send me a message for my number. …see Caleb healed…Caleb is healed. Wendy


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