Hair Loss Has Started

This is one of the most traumatic parts of having to go through chemotherapy for a young person. There’s a spot about the size of a dollar coin where the hair has started coming out. It has steadily grown over the last day. Caleb was upset about it when it first started, but he is doing much better today. We know that this is only temporary and it will all come back soon. I told him maybe it would come back purple and all the kids in Alpha (our church youth ministry) would love it! He just gave me a look. I said red would be cool, too. He said I was being goofy. Guilty.

They gave him some Benadryl at 8:30 last night and he fell asleep at 9:00. I was asleep within minutes, too. We both were so exhausted. He slept until 6:10 at which time a loud med student came in and started asking questions of Caleb while he was still asleep. 6:10? Really? Why do doctors do that? It’s really OK; I’m not upset. Just knowing what he went through last night, I would figure they would let him sleep as long as he wanted before they woke him.

Speaking of last night, he had a good bit of nausea. The Ashleys from church had brought a wonderful supper to us and just as they were about to leave, he started feeling ill so he didn’t even get to say much of a goodbye to them. The supper was so delicious, too, but he wasn’t able to eat any of it. Speaking of that, if Chona ever offers any of her homemade eggrolls, you better not turn them down. They were simply awesome. And if you don’t want them, tell her to make you some anyway and I will be glad to take them off your hands. Mmmm mm. Once the nausea subsided, we went down to the lobby to eat while his Aunt Ginny sat with him. He has not had any appetite since yesterday, but he is feeling better this morning and ate a little breakfast.

Caleb is still playing his new Playstation. I went and traded one of the units at the request of the second donor for some more games for him. Now I’m going to have to pry him off of it so we can get some schoolwork done. I’m just no fun at all.

Today’s verse – “No weapon formed against you shall prosper…” Is 54:17

3 thoughts on “Hair Loss Has Started”

  1. Keith…. Reading your thoughts and happenings in your family truly inspires me to be a better person, parent and nurse. I just hope Caleb knows how many people’s lives he is touching for the better….. What an awesome kid you have!!!

  2. Michael was still playing little league baseball and I told him I was painting my head his team colors, he wasn’t real impressed. haha Still holding you all up in our prayers and we serve a MIGHTY GOD at supplies our every need.

  3. Keith, sending many prayers for strength and healing for you,Caleb and your family.. Such a brave young man God Knows and he hears and he will see you all through.


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