Having a Great Week! Happy Thanksgiving!

Today Caleb has had the best day since the chemo started. It’s been a week since he had a treatment, so his body has recovered from it the last few days. There have been no headaches or fever, and his appetite has returned a lot more today. I’m glad because I want him to enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner, and he will!

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I will not be making it through the Thanksgiving prayer without big sissy showing up. This year more than ever, I have so much to thank God for. With the biggest obstacle of my entire life hitting me broadside and seeing that “mountain” cast into the sea, if I never receive another thing from God I have enough to thank him for the rest of my life. My son is healed and going to recover from this. He will be used mightily by God. He will not die, but live and declare the works of the Lord! (Psalm 118:17).

I had something awesome happen today. I had gotten a voicemail from MCG billing that they needed to verify some information on our account. I called them back and spoke with a very nice lady. As we got off the phone, I thanked her for her courtesy and wished her Happy Thanksgiving, telling her what a pleasure it was to talk to her. Then she said, “The same to you and your family. And whatever your family is going through right now, I just pray in Jesus name that you will be victorious!” I said, “I knew it!! I knew you were a Christian! Somehow I just felt connected during our conversation!” We talked for another 5 minutes and I shared some of Caleb’s testimony with her. She quoted three scriptures that I have recently shared on this blog, including the one I quoted above! There is a bond between believers in the Holy Spirit that cannot be explained. But she is my sister in Christ and as I told her before we hung up, it was no accident I got through to her on the phone today. I have been so encouraged since!

Another thing happened that just shows the love of God and His promise of provision coming through. We were beyond needing new tires on Holly’s car. It was actually getting a little dangerous to drive in rain because the tread was getting low and if you had to jam on the brakes, it would not stop as fast. I took it to get new tires and got a call a few minutes after dropping it off. I trust the people I took it to (more on that later). They said that the tie rod end was broken on the driver side and needed to be replaced. We had noticed it felt loose and that was the problem. He told us how much additional it would be. I just laughed and said go ahead and do it. I had realized last week that I had one company I’m contracted with  that had not sent me a renewal check in a couple of years. It was a small check, so I had forgotten about it. I had an old bank account with a large bank that had my old PO box address and old phone number, so they had no way to inform me that I was still getting money into that account from that renewal. I called them and they closed the account and sent me a check. After paying tithe on that money, it was less than ONE DOLLAR more than what I needed to pay for the tie rod end! Coincidence? I think not. Also, I accidentally left my wallet sitting on the front seat of my car when I dropped it off. When the guy called me from Firestone (on Wrightsboro Road, so you know!) and said my car was ready, I realized I did not have my wallet. I asked him if it was on the front seat when I realized I had left it there. He said he’d check. He came back and said it was and all the cash was there – no one had touched it. So God blessed us when we needed it, and blessed us when I made a stupid mistake. What would I do without Him??

Today’s verse – I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the LORD. -Psalm 118:17

2 thoughts on “Having a Great Week! Happy Thanksgiving!”

  1. That was the scripture that the Lord gave Cindy when I found out about my cancer. I have been declaring his goodness every chance I get. We are truly blessed. Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. Keith, it blesses me immensely just to read your blog posts! What an incredible testimony you, Caleb & the rest of your family will have for the rest of your lives!! How many people will be blessed, inspired, saved & rededicated because of Caleb’s miraculous healing? I’m proud to say I know a man & woman of such great faith! We love you all. Happy Thanksgiving (for such a great gift God gave y’all).


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