Let’s Go Racing, Boys!

We went to the clinic today to have Caleb’s numbers checked. We were supposed to start a 5-day regimen of chemo today, but I called and talked to the nurse last week to see what we could do about the Wrens Relay For Life this Friday and the NASCAR race at Talladega next weekend. We knew that after 5 days of chemo he would be too weak to do either of them. Caleb wants to walk the Survivors’ Lap at the relay and we want to be there to see him and rejoice. Right after that, we will leave to go to Talladega, AL for the big race! A dear friend was able to get us tickets to the Nationwide race on Saturday and to the Cup race on Sunday for FREE! We are so stoked about it!

Caleb was a little concerned about making the two events when he heard we were to start chemo today. So when I called last week and talked to the nurse, I told her how important these two events were to him and asked if there was anything we could do to adjust the schedule. She said that it is important for the chemo patients to have some fun along the way during this trying season of their lives and the lives of the families. She said it would be a fantastic idea for him to go to the events and that keeping him from them would only be an emotional pain on top of the emotional pain he has already endured the last few months. So she assured us that we would make it happen!

So today we went in to see how his counts looked and to see if he needed any blood or anything to boost his system this week. His ANC was 10,000, which is great. And his platelets were at 73,000. They want them at 75k, but she said that they have been trending up and they feel comfortable with the numbers. So we had NO procedures today and we are cleared for all activities this weekend!

Caleb is a HUGE NASCAR fan and is excited about this weekend. We are checking into getting pit passes to get close to the cars and drivers before the race. I’m going to make sure that happens whatever it takes so he can get a chance to possibly see Jimmie Johnson up close. I also got an email from an old friend who is arranging for us to get a tour of one of the TV trucks. How awesome!

Thanks again to those are helping make all this happen. There is no way we could have done this without your generosity. I cannot begin to explain what it means to see what my son has endured and to have people give so that he can have some enjoyment during this time. We continue to be humbled. Thanks for your continued prayers!

Today’s verse – “And if you give even a cup of cold water to one of the least of my followers, you will surely be rewarded.” – Jesus in Matthew 10:42