PET Scan Tomorrow

Tomorrow will be a busy day, but I will try to post any results that we may get from the scan.

Today was simply awesome! We had an awesome worship service and Pastor Bowen laid hands and prayed for Caleb in service, followed by an awesome sermon. My whole family was there, which was very special. Pastor made a comment during the message that really resonated with me. He said that when his family was battling an incurable terminal disease in their youngest son many years ago, the Lord told his wife that no matter how much she loves her children, He loves them more. Our God is awesome!

I want to share a little something that happened to me. I had a good friend at church walk up to me and put an envelope in my hand. He said that we would need gas to get back and forth for the next little while. He stuck an envelope in my hand. When I opened it later, there were several gas gift cards that will cover our gas for a few weeks. Once again, I turned into a big sissy and my eyes started welling up. God spoke to me and said that if I can trust Him with the little things like gas for my car, then I can trust Him for the big things like healing my son.

One last comment – I believe in the supernatural, and although I have seen some pretty amazing things, I have never had my eyes opened to the supernatural. The other day when Caleb and I were praying and talking about angels and the fact that they were all around us, I saw a huge angel standing in front of Caleb’s door in a vision for just a split second. It was like a mist that was there and then I could see it no longer. Caleb said that he had seen a flash of something and I told him what I saw. This morning, Caleb said that when he came in the sanctuary, he saw about 25 angels lined up across the altar shoulder to shoulder with blazing swords. He said he only saw it for a moment. Before he had a chance to tell us that, Holly had a woman that we know flows in the prophetic ministry and whom God uses as a prayer warrior to tell her that she was praying for Caleb and saw him surrounded by angels, ready to fight on his behalf. Neither she nor Holly knew of Caleb’s vision yet, and Caleb did not know of this lady’s words when he told me. Do I believe that Caleb really saw what he says he saw? Absolutely. He has never been one to lie or make stuff up, and his eyes were all lit up when he shared it with me. It was just another confirmation to me that God is on our side and fighting this battle for us. The battle is the Lord’s!

Today’s scripture – 1 Samuel 17:47 “And everyone assembled here will know that the Lord rescues his people, but not with sword and spear. This is the Lord’s battle, and he will give you to us!”

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