Quick Update From Hospital

We have finished two days of chemo with three to go. For the first time ever, Caleb has not gotten nauseous one single time this trip. We are praying that continues all the way through! Our God is greater!

For those that missed it on Facebook yesterday, Caleb got to play with a professional musician that comes out to the hospital and plays for the kids every week. Caleb told him he played guitar and Mr. Joe handed him a guitar! He asked what songs Caleb knew, and Caleb started playing “Sweet Home Alabama.” Mr. Joe said that they were going to play it for all the kids there later in the program. I took a quick video of it and posted it on YouTube. The video is below. But first, Caleb told him that we walked out of the house and left his guitar at home this week, but his Mom was coming Wednesday and was bringing it with her. He told Caleb that no guitarist should ever be without a guitar, so he sent Caleb back to his room with one of HIS guitars. He said he’d get it later in the week and to take good care of it. Caleb has been playing and playing it! I think I might have to buy him one of those little guitars. They are the prefect size to carry back and froth to the hospital and are pretty cheap, but well-made. After we got back to the room yesterday after the concert, I didn’t hear anymore from Caleb about how bored he was!