Recovering Well

We had quite an experience on Friday right after being discharged from the hospital. We had gone to the pharmacy to get Caleb’s pain meds before heading home. While there, he got nauseous and then started screaming in pain. He was grabbing his head and crying, saying that he had a severe headache. That was very uncharacteristic of him, and I knew he was in some serious pain.

I couldn’t get Holly to answer her phone, so I ran into the store and told her to come now. We went back to the ER. They gave Caleb some Tylenol with codeine (which is what we were waiting on at the pharmacy) and he finally went of to sleep. They ran some blood tests and did a CT scan, which was clear. I had posted on Facebook about what we were experiencing and a friend commented that she had experienced something similar after having a child that resembled what Caleb was experiencing. She said she almost didn’t say anything, but felt prompted to do it. I’m glad she did! I immediately remembered that the anesthesiologist had told us Tuesday morning during the surgery that he had attempted an epidural twice and missed, so they were forgoing the epidural. When I mentioned that to the attending physician, he started nodding his head and said that would be consistent with all his symptoms of headaches and nausea the last couple of days. He told us he could do a blood patch to fix it,or we could go home and he would be fine with a couple of days of rest. Since we had been in the ER since 6pm and it was 2am, we chose the latter.

Caleb had some headaches Saturday and a slight headache Sunday, but is doing much, much better today. He has been resting as instructed. He is moving his leg around a lot and we have to fuss at him to use his crutches when he gets up. It’s hard to keep an 11 year old on a couch all day, and he really wants to go ride his four wheeler, which is out of the question for another couple of weeks.

We are so thankful for the prayers and support! We are still amazed at an awesome God that has done some miraculous things for us. Continue to pray for us as we still have a long road of chemo left, and they are considering adding radiation to his treatment regimen. We are believing that they will find that unnecessary. We will find out more about that this week. Blessings!

Today’s verse – “He shall call upon Me, and I will answer him;
I will be with him in trouble;
I will deliver him and honor him.
With long life I will satisfy him,
And show him My salvation.”
-Psalm 91:15-16


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