Soaking and Prayer Music: The Battle Is The LORD’s | Key of David 444Hz

Avoid distraction and shift your atmosphere. Bible verses and gentle, prophetic music helps create an atmosphere of calm and focus for intercessory prayer and worship. Recorded in the Key of David (music tuned to 444Hz) with 528Hz and 417Hz tones throughout, this music can help shift your atmosphere.

Speak the verses out loud if you can. God promised in Isaiah 55:11 that His word would not return to Him void, and it returns to Him from our mouth when we speak His Word. There are some Christians who resist the focus on solfeggio tones in worship because the use of those tones is very prevalent in New Age and other religions. But YHWH is the Creator. He created the frequencies and the benefits of the frequencies. This is what King David tapped into. The enemy can only counterfeit what God created.

Scripture taken from the Modern English Version. Copyright © 2014 by Military Bible Association. Used by permission. All rights reserved. #soakingmusic #444hz #spiritualwarfare

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This relaxing ambient music is tuned to 444Hz. There is a pure 528Hz tone down in the mix throughout the song. 444Hz is also referred to as the Key of David and 528Hz is also referred to as the healing frequency.

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