Some Good News Today!


We got the results from the PET scan. The only cancer cells are right around that tumor in his leg! It has not spread anywhere else. That’s the second best news we could have gotten. And we still believe the best news will be coming forth soon! By Jesus’ stripes he is healed.

As I type this, they are taking Caleb back to install the chemotherapy port and he will start treatments today or tomorrow, so we will be here at least a couple of days.

I’ll give a full post of the day’s activities sometime later tonight, but I wanted to share this good news right away.

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Here is a photo of him a few minutes ago on the prep room:

6 thoughts on “Some Good News Today!”

  1. So glad to hear the good news.You know its funny,folks like to use stats when somebody has a disease,they forget that the Big Doc in the SKY is in control and Caleb will be fine.Went to school with your Mudda and Uncles and will be praying for the guy.Again he will be fine.

  2. Praise God! We serve an awesome God and I can not wait to see the day the news is posted that the tumor is gone!!! Caleb and his case is very much on my case. I had a cousin who was diagnosed with Ewings sarcoma at the age of 14. They told her she would never be able to have children. She is now 23 years old and has been cancer free for a long time now. Oh and she has a healthy baby girl. We will continue to lift Caleb and the family up in prayer.


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