Some More Good News, PLUS Revival Is On TV Worldwide

We went to the clinic today. I was thinking we had chemo – that’s what they originally told us. But they did a blood test and Caleb’s numbers were good. A normal ANC level (which measures white blood cell counts, more info on that here) is 2,500 – 6,000 neutrophils per cubic millimeter. They consider 1,000 – 1,500 as mildly at risk for developing an infection. Lower than that and the risk gets higher. Caleb’s number was 2,100! That is really good considering the amount of chemo he has had and the fact that the lowest numbers generally come 2-3 weeks after treatment starts; we are right at 4 weeks. Also, since his numbers are good, they want to drop one injection this week, so Saturday is his last injection this until Thanksgiving. Speaking of injections, our new techniques worked like a charm. Last night was the best injection yet. Caleb was in mild pain for a couple of minutes, but no panic. It was glorious!

We are scheduled to go back Tuesday and Wednesday for the next round. They gave us the option of admitting him or doing outpatient. I asked the nurse what they recommend and she said as long as he drinks plenty of fluids, outpatient will be fine. We’ll spend most of the day at the clinic Tuesday and a half-day on Wednesday.

I have mentioned that the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival will be at our home church this week, and we are believing this could be the week that the tumor is annihilated. The services will be broadcast around the WORLD from New Hope Worship Center on GodTV. On DirecTV it is on channel 365. You can also stream online at Service starts at New Hope at 7PM, but the broadcast starts at 8:30PM. Check listings for it. You can also go to for more information.

I have also started a Twitter account where I am sharing scriptures on healing that we are standing on with Caleb. You can follow it @healingverse. Please pass it along!

Today’s verse – “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” -Hebrews 13:8


Picture of the boys from this week:

4 thoughts on “Some More Good News, PLUS Revival Is On TV Worldwide”

  1. Hi, I happened across your website. My name is also Keith Murray. I not only have the same name, but I am a believer as well. May the Most High bless you and your family and bring about a speedy healing for Caleb. May His hand be upon you all and pour out His peace and loving kindness upon you all.

    Keith Murray

  2. Caleb! You are such a champ! We in the ALPHA Net are soooo honored to have you as a part of our group. This is the hour that we all stand together believing for God’s majestic touch in your life. We love you bro!

    Holly and Keith… Gina and I love you guys so much. It is amazing to see the strength of our Lord in your lives. Praise God for his ever abiding loving hand. Please know that we are always here for you and standing in prayer with you.


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