Surprise, Surprise!

I started not to post this. I don’t want people to get the wrong idea about motives or about what is going on behind the scenes. But I shared this with a couple of close friends and they were so encouraged by the goodness of God and His people, so I thought I would share this with all of you as well. We are still amazed this morning.

Yesterday morning, Caleb told me that he liked his Wii but that games were all cartoon-y and he wanted some better graphics and more strategic games – especially racing (where does he get that from??). He loves racing games and is a car nut. He can name almost any car by sight and especially high-end European sports cars like Ferrari, Bugati, etc. Even though there are a lot of games he still plays on the Wii like Baja Racing and his new favorite, Super Smash Brothers (I love Mario Kart myself, but don’t tell anyone!), he said he was willing to sell or trade it in order to get a Playstation 3 instead since he could have some car and sports games with it. So I posted on Facebook that we had a Wii with a bunch of games for trade for a Playstation 3 because Caleb wanted to get one.

Around 6PM, I got a call from a friend from church. He said that he saw my post and that instead of trading a game Caleb likes, he was on his way to get Caleb a new PS3. Well, big sissy showed up again. I know, I know. But when people bless my children, I can’t help myself. He told me that he had a son and was thankful that he was healthy and wanted to give something to us to help ease us through this time. He wanted to know what kind of games to get Caleb to go with it. I gathered myself and talked to him and thanked him over and over. He said he would be up at the hospital in a little bit.

Around 7:40, we hear a knock at the door. I answered it and a lady had a really big gift bag in her hand. She said someone had dropped this off for us. I asked if they wanted to come in and she said they didn’t. It was just anonymous. I told Holly I wished he had come in but understood if he didn’t want to. There was a brand-new PS3 and controllers and games, oh my! Caleb was ecstatic. So were we! I told Holly that we were ready to pack up the Wii and trade it. I definitely did not expect this.

After a few minutes of excitement, I sat down to send this guy a text message telling him thank you again and that I wish he had come up to see us, but I understood and we were praying Luke 6:38 over his family; that God would bless him for his selfless giving. Right before I hit send, there was another knock at the door. Holly and I looked at each other and I told them to come in. It was our friend with a second PS3 under his arm and a bag of games, another controller, cables, and such. Its a good thing I have a chest or my jaw would have hit the floor. I was so confused momentarily. Pointing to the one we had just received I asked him, “This one isn’t from you?” I know. It wasn’t the most profound thing I’ve ever said, but you try to process all this stuff happening in a matter of minutes and see how you do! I was completely dumbfounded. I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t know how to react. I only hope that he was not let down by my reaction or lack thereof. There are very few times I’m at a total loss for words, but this was one of them. I was literally stunned.

He suggested we return his unit with the gift receipt and swap it out for some more games. So that is what we are going to do today. Caleb played that game all during his chemo last night and never had a negative reaction to the treatment! Two weeks ago when on this same regimen, he had a really rough time with the first day of treatment.

We finished going through the original PS3 package when he left. There was a card in there that was signed, “The Prayer Warriors.” I posted on Twitter last night right before all this happened that those who think there is no good left in people should come hang around here for a while. People are unbelievably amazing! And that was posted before any of this story took place!

Please forgive me if this is too much information or if it comes across as bragging. The only one I’m bragging on is God. We cannot begin to adequately express our appreciation for those that did this, but we know that God saw every part of it, and just like I’m standing on His Word for healing, I’m standing on Luke 6:38 that He will return it to them with good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over! Our God is greater.

Caleb got a good night of sleep once he finally got to sleep after midnight. Me, not so much. But its OK. I had a lot to pray about this morning when I got up. I am still standing in great expectation of the revival services at New Hope next week. I had many of the children in our church that need healing on my heart and in my prayers early this morning (I’m NOT a morning person, by the way, but it was an awesome time in His presence). We start day 2 of 5 later this afternoon. Thanks again for all your prayers, love, and support. I don’t know how people do it without an amazing church family standing with them, but thank God we don’t have that problem!

Today’s verse – “Give, and you will receive. A large quantity, pressed together, shaken down, and running over will be put into your pocket. The standards you use for others will be applied to you.” -Luke 6:38 (GW)

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