Tumor is GONE! But We’re In The Hospital

What an amazing couple of days this has been! The tumor had shrunk some from a cue ball size to about a golf ball size based on what we could feel of the tumor since Caleb started chemo. As I mentioned earlier, the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival was in Augusta this week at my home church, New Hope Worship Center. We were there Thursday for the first meeting with the boys. As worship started winding down, the evangelist started calling specific health problems out for people to be prayed for. We witnessed several miracles take place including watching a man that was on oxygen and had lost 45% of the use of his lungs get healed and take big heaping breaths. One after another, people were getting healed right before our eyes. It was awesome.

Evangelist Nathan Morris said after his message that those that need prayer should come forward to the altar. During the service, Caleb had started experiencing the worst pain he has had in the area of the tumor yet. He had to sit down for a bit. He asked me what was going on and I told him that the devil knew he was going to have to give it up and he didn’t want to let go – he was holding on harder so he wouldn’t lose his grip! The altar area had been full of people for some time, but Holly and Caleb made their way down. She had to assist Caleb in walking which has only happened a couple of times.

Nathan saw Caleb and summoned for him to come up on the stage where he was praying for people. Holly went up with him and our pastor, Rich Bowen, was up there with them. Nathan laid hands on Caleb’s stomach and started saying, “Cancer I curse you! You must leave this boy in the name of Jesus!” He then blew on Caleb and he buckled and fell to the floor. I let out the biggest yell I have ever made. I knew what was happening! Caleb said there was such a peace that washed over him and he felt a tingling fire where the tumor was. Immediately, the pain was completely gone! When I saw Caleb on the ground, I made my way up with Joshua  to be there. As I got to the stage, he was coming down with Holly and Pastor Bowen. Nathan came back up to Caleb and kissed him on the forehead. He told us to let him know if we got any news from the doctors, then prayed with all of us. Pastor squeezed our necks and we went back to our seats.

Caleb was ecstatic. He said he couldn’t feel the tumor anymore! Holly and I both checked, and sure enough it was GONE! The next morning, I called Caleb’s oncologist and asked if we could get a scan. I wanted to have a side by side comparison to show what we knew God had done. I did not get any news from her that I wanted to hear. She said that even if they did a scan and it came back clean, they would still continue chemo all the way through the prescribed duration. I talked to some other folks and they concurred. They want to be sure every cancer cell is gone and there is no way to test to see if every cell is indeed gone, so they will carry it all the way out. A friend also said that if I were to refuse treatment, they could bring legal action to continue it and that could get ugly. We don’t think that is the best way to fight this nor would be wise as we trust the doctors, as well. As my friend told me, at least we don’t have to worry about whether the chemo is going to work or not. The cancer is gone and we will continue the treatment knowing that once its over, we will be forever finished with the chemo treatments!

That was not what we wanted to hear, though. We wanted to go home. With me not working and us living with family members, it is a burden on all of us in more ways than one. But we know that the victory has been won!

We were back at the revival Friday night. They asked Caleb to come to the stage to share what God had done. The testimony he gave was telecast all over the world! I am going to try to attach the video at the end if I can. It is very large and I took a video of the TV screen with my phone, so the quality will not be the best. But what Caleb shared was simply awesome.

So that brings us to today. This morning Caleb was complaining of a headache and sore throat. He had not seen the broadcast of last night, so he laid down next to me to watch it. I realized that he felt hot and took his temp. It was 101.3. The chemotherapy kills white blood cells along with the cancer cells, and the white blood cells are what help the immune system fight infections. So when he runs a fever, we have to take him to the hospital. We called the clinic and they verified that the fever was high enough to bring him in.

We spent 4 hours in a room in the ER that did not have a comfortable chair in it. Fortunately, we had a good friend that came and visited with us for a while. Krista Dockal and her two boys came by. It meant so much for them to come by and provide supper for us and to share such an amazing testimony of what God is doing is doing in their lives.

Caleb’s white blood count was pretty low, so he has been admitted to the hospital for a couple of days. Although the cancer has been defeated, we are seeing now that we need to focus our attention on the side effects of chemotherapy. We are also praying that God will let the doctors see that the chemo is no longer needed. The fever and white blood counts are all from the chemotherapy, which is the main reason I want to stop it if it is not necessary. But we can pray these things into shape as well! So the warfare continues. God started the process by healing Caleb of cancer and he will FINISH it by taking care of the effects of chemo. We are still standing strong and still need your prayers! Although the cancer is gone, we still have a long road ahead of going through this chemo unless the Lord intervenes. Some people have told us that our support is going to dry up as time goes on. I guess they don’t know our friends and family! I don’t accept that negative talk anyway. We know that God is our source and He will take care of us in any way we need it. He is faithful!

Thanks so much for agreeing with us in seeing the cancer gone! We still need your prayers as we continue in this battle in the days ahead.

Today’s verse – “Being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.” Philippians 1:6


Here is a video of Caleb on GodTV telling of his miracle!

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