Update Oct 20, 2011

We met with the oncologist this morning. We come in for a PET scan and EKG on Monday. On Tuesday they put in the chemotherapy port. After that we start the chemotherapy treatments.

We are going to be in the hospital 6-8 days per month and having to make trips to the clinic 6-8 days per month. We are discussing our options, but basically this means that I will not be working for the next few months and we may have to arrange to stay with family here during that time. I don’t know how we will manage financially, but I will just have to trust God for that, too. If we stay in Augusta, I can save tons on electricity and gas going to town, so that may be our best option. It’s really a tough time all around. We appreciate your prayers in all these things. I am trying to be a rock for my family as I stand on the Rock.

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