Moving Day

Taking a quick break from packing up. We are moving into Mom’s house to be closer to the hospital and clinics. It’s gonna be close quarters, but it will save us time and money as I mentioned before. We are also hoping to be done in time to be a part of the Alpha Encounter … Read more

Caleb photo

I was told that some of you that are following the blog don’t know what he looks like. Put this precious face in your memory banks and pray for him whenever you think of us! KM \o/

Update Oct 20, 2011

We met with the oncologist this morning. We come in for a PET scan and EKG on Monday. On Tuesday they put in the chemotherapy port. After that we start the chemotherapy treatments. We are going to be in the hospital 6-8 days per month and having to make trips to the clinic 6-8 days … Read more