Rough Night

They finally got Caleb’s fluids where they needed to be to start chemo last night at about 10PM. Unfortunately, that means that this trip – which goes through Sunday – will have chemo starting at 10PM each night, so he’ll be sleeping late and more throughout the day. He did fine with the chemo, but … Read more

Chemo Starts Today

It’s been a long time since I was in bed headed for Sleepytown before 10PM, but last night I certainly was. I was asleep within minutes of my head hitting the pillow. I knew I was tired, but didn’t realize just how much until I awoke this morning. I feel so refreshed and ready to … Read more

Some Good News Today!

We got the results from the PET scan. The only cancer cells are right around that tumor in his leg! It has not spread anywhere else. That’s the second best news we could have gotten. And we still believe the best news will be coming forth soon! By Jesus’ stripes he is healed. As I … Read more

PET Scan Tomorrow

Tomorrow will be a busy day, but I will try to post any results that we may get from the scan. Today was simply awesome! We had an awesome worship service and Pastor Bowen laid hands and prayed for Caleb in service, followed by an awesome sermon. My whole family was there, which was very … Read more

Moving Day

Taking a quick break from packing up. We are moving into Mom’s house to be closer to the hospital and clinics. It’s gonna be close quarters, but it will save us time and money as I mentioned before. We are also hoping to be done in time to be a part of the Alpha Encounter … Read more

Caleb photo

I was told that some of you that are following the blog don’t know what he looks like. Put this precious face in your memory banks and pray for him whenever you think of us! KM \o/

Getting Ready To Move

We had a lot of decisions to make yesterday after learning what the treatment plan is. With every decision we make in preparation, I am still saying, “I believe we receive Your healing!” We know that God can and will remove this thing completely in a flash. We have seen and heard of Him doing … Read more

Update Oct 20, 2011

We met with the oncologist this morning. We come in for a PET scan and EKG on Monday. On Tuesday they put in the chemotherapy port. After that we start the chemotherapy treatments. We are going to be in the hospital 6-8 days per month and having to make trips to the clinic 6-8 days … Read more

The Diagnosis Is In

We received a call from our oncologist today that the results are back from the Mayo Clinic. They have diagnosed it as Ewings Sarcoma. It is a rare form of cancer that is mostly found in pre-teens and mostly in boys. We are to meet with the oncologist tomorrow for more information and to discuss … Read more