No-Go This Week

Today, Holly took off work and took Caleb in for his week-long chemo this week. The plan was for me to take over tomorrow and spend the rest of the week at the hospital with Caleb. There is one drug he takes every few weeks that will burn his bladder if it sits on the … Read more

A Personal Note

There is nothing new to report today, but I just had to share something I have never told anyone about my journey with Caleb. When we first got the diagnosis last fall, I went online and did some research to find out more about Ewings Sarcoma. I had several well-meaning friends and family that were … Read more

Taking a Break

Caleb has no more chemo this week. We went in for a quick injection of vincristine yesterday and have to go back on Thursday to check his counts. Caleb has done well this week. He has not been very sick at all. We did find out that we will have a one week break between … Read more

Caleb Walking in Relay For Life As Survivor!

We were so excited today to find out that Caleb will walk in the Jefferson County Relay For Life. I’ve got to admit – I was pretty emotional about it! He is walking as a SURVIVOR! We have participated for years in this event, but this year it means so much more. Every year, they … Read more

Quick Update

Today, Caleb is on day four of a five day chemo treatment. He is doing much better than he usually does. When he woke up, he told me he did need any nausea medicine, but I made him take one anyway. His energy is way up and he has only gotten sick a couple of … Read more


We met with the orthopedic surgeon this morning to follow up on the infection that was seen around the incision from the surgery. We were given the all-clear to start chemo today – the infection is gone. We are ready to get these last treatments knocked out and get on with life. We have 22 … Read more


Today we got confirmation of the work that God had done. They did see tumor on the MRI, but to quote the doctor today, it was “100% dead tumor” that they removed! Thank You, Lord! The incision has some infection and has pulled some. They gave him some drugs to fight the infection and he … Read more

Looking Good!

We had our first follow-up with Caleb’s oncologist today. She said she was very excited about the results of the surgery and the biopsy on what they found there. As I had mentioned before, they found some abnormal marrow as they cut the bone out and kept cutting lower trying to get below it. It … Read more

Recovering Well

We had quite an experience on Friday right after being discharged from the hospital. We had gone to the pharmacy to get Caleb’s pain meds before heading home. While there, he got nauseous and then started screaming in pain. He was grabbing his head and crying, saying that he had a severe headache. That was … Read more

Recovery Going Well

Caleb has been doing great the last couple of days. The pain is a lot less, but he is still hitting the morphine pump as needed. Today the physical therapist came by and worked with him for about half an hour. He is out of the splint and has to do exercises every hour. The … Read more